Monday, November 19, 2007

5 Themes of Geography

The 5 themes of geography are:
Human Environmental Interaction

The 5 themes of geography in the book "Waiting for the Rain" are:
- When Tengo travels to Johannesburg by train on page 84-85
- The aparthied could be considered a region that separates the blacks from the whites and keeps everyone in their respective townships. On page 57-58 where Tengo is treated very badly in Frikkie's house.
- When Tengo and Emma drink cold drinks outside when it's hot on page 169
- Frikkie's house is a location on page 57-58
- Winchester drive #77, miller's house on page 90

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arjun said...

Hello! i really like how you incorporated the story into the five themes of geography. it really sounded like you knew you're stuff! Plus it sounded professional, and you could read it very easily. Good job!