Sunday, November 11, 2007

Analyzing the Cartoon

This cartoon shows how England, the man, had too much power over too many countries. England is a man with tentacles reaching out to many countries. This man looks like he is very greedy and may be reaching out to other countries.

This cartoon shows how England had conquered many countries when it had the power. This is the main political issue of the cartoon.

I would guess that when designing this cartoon the author was thinking that England had too much power and that they had been conquering too many countries.

England with all its tentacles in so many countries, that is where I say the cartoonist feels this way.

Maybe the cartoonist could give a birds view of many English men/octopuses trying to get all the countries.

I think there is some evidence of CRAP. There are many colors and they are repeating. There are enough legs and enough countries on each side and there countries are all around.

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