Monday, December 10, 2007

Hotel Rwanda

I believe that both the sources and the film show, how the Rwandans were mistreated. Mistreated in the sense of how the European powers backed away from the Africans at a time when the Africans were in great need of them. Those Europeans that lived in the same environment as the Africans, when the Africans were being killed, no one cared. I say these were some perspectives in which the main powers of Rwanda didn't help the Africans. Source A shows you how the rwanda's future was in Rwandan hands. I think what this phrase means that after the Europeans forces backed away from Rwanda, Rwanda was all Rwandans had. They had to make decisions themselves. In source B, it shows how the Belgian soldiers went to the airport leaving the Rwandans to die. In the movie, there is a part where the UN commander said to Paul that there was no way out, and that the UN had no choice. As source C states, the European powers. instead of decreaceing the fire, they fueled the fire more by supporting th Hutus with arms. Overall, the Europeans took full pleasure of Rwanda when there was hardly any trouble, but when there was trouble, they were the first to back away.

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