Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Animal Farm Movie Critique

There was a big difference in the movie and the book ANIMAL FARM!

Some of these differences are that in the movie Old Major is shot where in the book he wasn’t. The song BEASTS OF ENGLAND that was the main song in the book was not so in the movie. The movie changed the song to something else. My next reason is quite important because there was no Clover. Clover is important in the book and not having her in the book is a major issue. Jessie took the role of Clover and so the movie did have a figure that would be supportive of the other animals. When the humans came to fight the animals, they didn’t all have guns. In the movie, all the humans had guns where in the book only three were present. In the movie, Mollie leaves later than in the book. Towards the end, the book ends with Napoleon giving a speech but in the movie new farm owners turn up. Overall, I would think that the book was more interesting where the movie did a great job exaggerating the animal’s living conditions.

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