Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cold War Debrief

My group in the game was Europe and Africa. The strategy I used to win was that we should give combos. Our countries were not good but when we gave it in a combo, USSR was willing to pay big money. I wanted to sell all my countries and so I sold all my countries and made many points for my team. This was my strategy.
I would have to say that my team did win in the end because we did have the most points amogst all our opponents. This was in the game, but in the real cold war, the real losers were USA and the USSR. These two groups wasted so many valuable resources in the cold war and in the game. All in all, the two superpowers were the losers.


Uno said...
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Varun Batta said...

Shuk, I agree with the superpowers being the real losers. It makes very much sense since they were the ones who used up most of their resources, but don't you think that the real winners were kind of the US. After all they were the only secure ones in the End. As your partner I would like to let you know that we were always in constant danger of being attacked by either side. Luckily we never were attacked, but in case we had been, I don't think the non-super power countries really were the victors.