Monday, April 28, 2008

Sameness vs Equality

Equality and sameness are two totally different ideas. Sameness is when one idea is similar to another. Equality is mainly used when talking about people. For example sameness could be used when talking about characteristics of people. Say, one person feels angry and so does another that would be sameness. Equality is when we talk about rights and how all people are equal. In Animal Farm, sameness is what all the hens felt when their eggs were being taken away. All the hens felt a similar feeling. In The Giver, all people go through stirrings, a similar feeling when you turn twelve. In The Giver, equality comes into play when we are exposed to the community where all people are equal. In Animal Farm, there is an inequality between the hens and the pigs. The pigs get many more facilities and have control over all the others.

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