Sunday, May 4, 2008

Skills from the Population Project

Few of the most important aspects of the population project or UbD are organization, researching, and presentation. Organization can help me later in life because when I will work with research, organization can help me whether I am in school or at work. Ubd helped me with organization because I had to sort out what information to use and why I had to use it. Being able to research information is very helpful in your work for you might have to find information on a topic that is mostly unknown. In Ubd I was able to locate information and find its proper source and that was a great achievement. Whether doing Ubd or a project from work, I will have to present what I found. In Ubd I presented my information as a portfolio. These are some skills I was exposed to while working on Ubd.

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Varun Batta said...

Shuk, you have presented your ideas very well. I too agree with your ideas. It is true that the skills you have mentioned are, and will be very important for you. Good Job Shuk