Thursday, May 22, 2008


I define power or leadership as a role that makes you take decisions on behalf of others. Power can have both positive and negative effects. When one has power over someone or something, they can use it to benefit themselves or others. Industrialization showed how new technology had power to change the lives of all who used it. As for the American Revolution, the British had power over the Americans until the Americans revolted. Since the British were the ones that colonized America, they said they deserved to ask for taxes. There are also many ways power with one could defeat another. For example in globalization; the mono culture had power over all the indigenous cultures for many more people had been exposed to the mono culture rather than the others. Power can be used for negative reasons for in Rwanda the powerful HUTU community had power over the weak TUTSIS. This as we know, turned out to be a horrible genocide. When the Europeans came to Africa, they were technologically advance and therefore had the power to take them to the United States to work as slaves. One component of power is that anyone who posses it has a chance of being corrupt. When one has power, he or she decides to do things differently. This difference could make you take steps that wouldn’t be good for you but since you would hold power, you won’t need to go through any consequences. There have been many cases in which a leader seems to be following the rules of a community or country but breaks these rules behind the curtains. Many kill for power and many are aggressive to posses it. Overall, I would state that power is nice to have, nice to use, but if used negatively, considered VERY VERY RUDE!!!

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arjun said...

I would definitely Agree with what shuk stated in his blog posting on Power, especially the last line. The last line describes how power may be nice to have and use, but if used for negative purposes,Power can do much harm.He also suported his statment well with specific evidence from sections we have covered this year. I would rate this blog posting a 4/5.
Grate job shuk!