Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Declaration of Independence

When it becomes necessary for politics to separate the people, they should have a reason for doing it. All men are created equal and when the government doesn’t believe in that, it is our right and duty to change the government. Safety and happiness are your rights. You can only change the government when situations get really bad. King George has been unjust to us and it is our right and duty to change his government.

King George the third did much unjust with the colonists. Some of them were taxing them without their consent, for taking their lives and burning their cities and homes, cutting of their trade with the rest of the world. There were also some more such as, fighting against them, for taking away their rights, and also allowed many soldiers to do whatever they wanted to. For these reasons America changed their government.

We have tried all we could, by signing petitions and every time we did that, we were answered by injuries. It is our right to take away the rule of King George the third. Therefore, we the representatives of the United States of America, with the consent of all colonies and their people, come to an agreement that we have the right to be independent.

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