Tuesday, January 29, 2008


From my perspective, this is a relevant game. This game showed us how the colonists in America had to live with taxation without representation. Since we were the colonists in the game, we didn't have many chances to earn money. Therefore, we had no money to pay the taxes. Many of us were sent off to Georgia and some of us went on the treason list. The king was an exceptional example of tyranny. He ruled us in a manner of how King George the third would have treated the colonists of America. There was a lot of injustice with us. Our rights were taken away from us and we were taxed for no good reason. Towards the mid game some had self-determination to try to steal money from the king. We tried many times and failed. After the king caught us we were put on the treason list. After the king died we had all the money to ourselves and all the Taxes were repealed. THE KING DIED!!!

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