Thursday, January 10, 2008

Great Powers Game Debrief

1. We were Great Britain and it felt great building our empire. I think that those countries that had a good army at the start of the game had quite an advantage because they didn't have to worry about other countries attacking them. Our country had a lot of economic points and there for throughout most of the game we were the richest.

2. I believe that buying armies and industries was fairly important. 1 army was two navies and colonies went with industries.

3. We spent a lot on armies and industries. if i was to play this game again, then I wouldn't bother buying any navies.

4. Austria Hungry were our best allies. They stuck with us till the end. They were the only ones we could trust. Germany and Italy back-stabbed us in the end when we needed help.

5. I learnt that conflict can end up into a great war. I also learned that many conflicts can arise when you just have simple misunderstandings. Finally, I learned that it's better to stay out of conflicts because you end up losing your part of the share along with the others.

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