Monday, October 1, 2007

Expository Piece

Expository Piece
Sept/ 24/ 07
Period 2/8

Welcome to our museum display, where you will learn where, how, and why iron, steel, coal, and steam were important factors in the industrial revolution. Steel was obviously an important ingredient because without steel, many of the parts of the machines could not be made. Many objects were manufactured by machines; therefore scarcity of steel would be a tragedy.

Coal was a very important substance that was used to heat other objects. Steel wasn’t the only substance needed to make useful objects; coal was the actual source of energy which allowed the machines to work. Iron had an important role to play since iron and steel were two elements that went together. Anyone who had an iron business at that time would have earned loads of money.

In our museum display, you will see how Andrew Carnegie and James Watt were very important with the history of the Industrial Revolution. You will also learn what the dates were for few of the most important aspects of the Industrial Revolution.

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