Sunday, October 21, 2007


The qualities of a true leader are that he or she can show respect towards others. Those leaders that think of others and pays heed to other peoples ideas. When you think of people and what they feel, then you should be a leader. If you do something that benefits everyone you are a leader.
to think about it, everyone is a leader. You are your life's leader. The way you choose to live it, is up to you.

I think that Avi has some of these qualities and so does Lucas. I say that everyone is a leader for themselves.


Cathy said...

I definitely agree with you that you are your own leader and everything is up to you. Your life is in your own hands in other words. I think the whole idea of yours summed up is that a leader should be selfless and respectful. They are qualities a leader needs for sure, but I think there may be a few more. That they need to actually BE a leader. To be able to organize, direct and think of things that need to be done. But other than that, I think that you wrote this well and had good, clear ideas.

arjun said...

Hello Shuk, this is Arjun! The reason i like your post is beacause it gives all the necessary facts and puts it in a neat and organized manner,good job!

P.S add some pictures!