Monday, October 15, 2007

The Importance of WOW

WOW is very important in the school’s curriculum since what we learn at WOW, we don’t learn at school. Some reasons why WOW is important is because we live in a country with an exceptional diverse environment. As we live in this environment, it is our duty to learn about it. WOW takes us to many different places that we don’t visit very often. Secondly, we get a brake from school and our family. We learn how to be with others and experience fun without having it all your way. We learn about the culture of India as well as the people of it. Most importantly we all learn how to be responsible. That is because at school, we don’t understand others, we only understand our work. WOW gives you the opportunity to relax and take a break from the everyday load of work. Hence, WOW is definitely needed.

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